Hello world!

Hello indeed!  I’ve put the finishing touches on the preliminary website (as built on my PC, before uploading to the website host) the week before the Dayton 2017 Hamvention starts. Really though, it’s by no means finished. The Shopping page needs new tools and kits listed, the data repository needs filling and the parts inventory needs pictures, lots of them!  Blogs need to be written and website hosting to be secured and tweaked.

As I’m discovering, having a website is no small thing. Lots of details but it’s a great feeling to “keep moving forward.”

11/5/2018 *** Dayton Hamvention 2018 has come and gone! Keep moving forward!  Thank you all for your patience while life’s struggles pass by.

4/4/2020 *** Dayton Hamvention 2020 is cancelled and the Corona Virus Pandemic is swirling around our country.  Take care and be safe.

3/30/2023 *** I’m looking forward to attending Dayton Hamvention 2023 despite the Pandemic  even when most of the country says, “We’re over it!” Take care and be safe!