Kenwood Hybrids

HF Amateur Radio Transceivers

Parts and Service

Just about every order for parts is a custom order. There are a lot of parts and rather than list every part (on the ‘Shop’ page) with its own description and price, just send me an email with what you need. Not quite sure what to call it? That’s what conversation is for. Sometimes a solution takes a different path than originally thought or that additional parts may be recommended. (If needed, a phone call may be arranged.) Don’t wait, send that email today! I love to “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY) and I want to share the fun by enabling you to DIY, too, with our Kenwood Hybrid radios.

I have virtually every part there is in the hybrid series: TS-520 / TS-820 / TS-530 / TS-830. Everything from a remake of the elusive L41 to knobs, boards, screws, and resistor kits are available. Tools are available to help with servicing, too. Look on the ‘Shop’ page for more information. Contact me via email or use the contact form below or on the ‘Contact’ page of this website.

For those of you who have the older classic hybrid series: TS-511S / T-599 / R-599 / JR-599, all is not lost. Although I only have my own set of rigs, there are some common boards and parts, such as the Marker Board, with the hybrid series that I do have parts for. I don’t have a cross-reference list yet, it’s on the to-do list. Contact me anyway and we can noodle through it together.

Another way to discuss issues involving our hybrid radios is through the [Kenwood-Hybrids] group list.  I highly recommend joining it.

There is nothing more satisfying than when a DIY repair is finished. However, if it’s not working out, there is nothing wrong with sending me a module or rig for repair. My rates are reasonable and I have quite a few donor rigs to pull parts from and bench test rigs / jigs to test with. After all, our goal here is to keep our beautiful Kenwood Hybrid Radios on the air! This is Amateur Radio – Make RF!

How may I help you with your DIY project?

Use the following form to Contact Walter, kd7dny

You may contact me by filling in this form if you need to order parts, request repair service or have any questions. You may also fill in the form to leave a comment or to provide feedback.

When you perform a DIY repair, there is a certain risk taken by the user. Was my diagnosis correct? Did I order the correct part? Will this used part work for the next 30 years?  All parts that I sell are used and removed from donor rigs unless otherwise stated. While attempts are made to ensure a working part is sent to you, some items may require your own “elbow grease” to clean it, wire it, solder it and adjust it. There is the old adage, “Measure twice, cut once.” My wife and I did our own home carpet installation once, a long time ago. We measured, twice even. We still cut it short by 3 inches. Was it a coincidence that was the length of the tape measure body? We chalked it up to DIY and spliced in a piece. We didn’t save as much as we had hoped, but it was still worth doing.

Disclaimer: Nothing on this website should be construed as what you should do, that is something you must decide on and take responsibility for. Whatever you may do, please be safe!


Follow all usual and customary safety precautions when servicing your radio. High voltage is present when power is applied (900+ volts in our Kenwood Hybrids) and may linger after power is removed, stored in electrolytic capacitors. Although good design practice dictates bleeder resistors to drain them, capacitors in high voltage circuits should be treated with respect and due caution. Be safe! Stay alive!