Hybrid Parts – Everything Inside



I have virtually every part that is inside our Kenwood hybrid radios. There are a few that are in that “unobtanium” state that are difficult to keep in stock such as the TS-820 Display System or the DS-1A DC Converter module or the TS-830 RF Board. Just ask – I never know when I’ll have one in stock.  Contact me

Just a few examples:

TS-530S Audio Board:
TS-830S RF Board:

TS-530S/830S Toko L41 Coil Replacement (it has its own page, here):

TS-820S CAR Unit:

Shaft Couplers, various models (also re-purposed to the SM-220, here):

6146B Final Tubes:

TS-820S PLL Unit and Relay Board:

TS-820S Mode Switch:

TS-530S IF Board:

TS-520S Fix Ch. AVR Board, Power Transformer:

TS-520S Coil Boards

TS-530S/830S Display Board:

TS-530S Knobs (with the exception of the VFO knob – can you name which model it came from?):

TS-820S Display System (5V-AVR not shown):

A few rigs lined up in the queue. The TS-520S on the right will soon be history. Many of the parts rigs remain on the shelf as-is until most of the major parts have been harvested.

Please Contact me to order or to inquire about an item. Thanks for looking!